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Ketchikan Guided Sportfishing Association ,  Alaska Charter Operators
The Ketchikan Guided Sportfish Association (KGSA) is a nonprofit organization that was formed in the spring of 2007 by a group of dedicated charter operators who were concerned about recent proposed regulations regarding their industry and the lack of prior knowledge or input on these decisions. The proposed regulations under consideration by the National Marine Fisheries Service will have detrimental consequences not only to charter vessel operations, but to sportfishing related businesses such as lodges, resorts, hotels, and vacation rentals. It would further result in impacts to transportation, fuel, food service, and other businesses providing services to visitors and sportfish operators.

"Sportfishing is the number one activity for independent travelers
to our area, and is a major activity for cruise passengers while in port."

Patti Mackey, Executive Director, Ketchikan Visitors Bureau

KGSA's objective is to keep informed of current issues and proposed legislation affecting our industry. To be proactive in voicing our concerns and opinions as a group on issues that affect our fisheries, industry and ultimately our local businesses. We need to work with and support other like organizations to protect our rights and the right of others to access the public resource.

Efforts and regulations to restrict our industry will continue; it is time to have an organized voice in Ketchikan and the surrounding areas. We must have representation at The Alaska Board of Fisheries, The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, NOAA Fisheries Service and the International Pacific Halibut Commission. Organized opposition will dominate the resource if we do not make our voice heard.

Ketchikan Guided Sportfish Association
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Supporter: Steve Doig.